Cornerstone Onboarding


Route 1: Our Designs

We have created Marketing packages that are clean, sophisticated, modern and professional for you to go out and compete with top brands in the industry.

Lets get your artwork ordered: Please click on the link and order the artwork that you like! Please note you can pick from a package or a a’ la carte items 

Please note if you would like to make a minor adjustment (Color, Font, Or Picture) you can leave a note in the comment section.

Time: 1 Week or less
With Heather

Route 2: Build Your Own Brand

Do you have a specific vision or idea for your Real Estate Brand? We can help you create your own brand identity the compliments the eXp brand!

Please Schedule a 45 Minute Free Consultation with our graphic team: During this 45 minute consultation we will get to know you and your style! We will ask questions that help us with creating your brand identity. During this time frame we will see what your ideas are and what we think the best route for execution is. We will be able to give you realistic time frames so you can be prepared for upcoming marketing needs and cost of projects. 

We Believe that Brand Creation is Important: 

Logo Creation is: 200 Dollar Fee

Personalized Signs ( Open House, Large For Sale, Cond Size, etc) Letterhead, Notecards, Facebook Banner : 100 Dollar Fee : If you want to just use your color concept and logos on one of the templates we already have this fee is waived.

Time: 1 to 2 Weeks for logos.
With Christina

STEP 2: Finalize Artwork

Now that you have decided on your Brand style and proofs have been sent back! Make sure you review all your final PDFs to make sure all of your information is reflecting properly! 

If everything is correct there are two steps 

1st: Create a Dropbox Folder / Google Drive Folder or Computer Folder = Where you store all versions of your Marketing. (JPGs/ PDFs/ .Ai Files)  

2nd: Print what needs to be printed. When you join eXp you get 1000 Free Business Cards: you can print those through they are a low quality business card so we recommend you get them to pass out with pobys and for business card raffles and that sort of thing. 

Our Office preferred a business card: a Suede Silk Business Card with UV Print with rounded corners. We order those with Colorprise. Our team can assist you with placing this order so you can ensure the correct quality. 

Preferred Vendors for Signs are: Colorprise, Rapido Signs and The Complete Package in Fullerton.

A week for eXp cards to arive.
Signs depend on location of printer.
Work With Heather

These are our preferred vendors that ship nation wide but you are happy to use any printer you would like. We will sent artwork in any file form you need just request it here.

STEP 3: Total Identity Audit

Make sure your digital presence is all updated.

Here is a list of sites that you should audit: 

  1. Email 
  2. Facebook 
  3. Youtube 
  4. Instagram
  5. Tiktok
  6. Snapchat
  7. Zillow
  8. Linked In
  10. MLS 
  11. Website
  12. Voice Mail

Time: An Afternoon to Check your socials.

For a Fee we can do a full digital audit for you: $100? 

Work with Heather or Sarah

STEP 4: Buyer and Seller Packages

Interactive iPad Presentations!!

It’s time to get your Buyer and Seller Presentations! 


Our Buyer Consultation is a PDF Presentation that can be presented on an IPAD Computer or printed out. 

Review your Buyers Booklet and have at least 3 Booklets Printed so you are ready for a presentation 


Our Listing Presentation: Our Listing Presentation is an IPAD presentation.. It is an interactive presentation that you can download and customize to your ipad. 

Instructions are in the video link here: 

Time: Less than a week for designs.
A half day of learning the flow of each presentaion.
Work with Heather

STEP 5: Email Marketing

Time to pick your mass emailer! 

Our office Top Picks Are:

MailChimp = MailChimp is recommended for those looking to get started with Mass Mailing.

Up to 2,000 contacts is free

BombBomb = Is a video Mailing platform- We recommend signing up for this for your one one one list. This list is should just be for nurtured clients, leads and those in your top 150 

Constant Contact = Constant contact is for all your lead nurturing  

VIdeo on how to set up templates on each platform

Time: an hour setting up your account. 
Work with Heather.

Your marketing is done!

One last thing…

Check in with Heather to make sure you got everything you needed and are happy to move to the next stage.

Now that your marketing is started it’s time to get ready to buiness plan.

Live Your Real Estate Vision. No More Compromise.

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