2: eXp World

Take Work From Home to the next level with eXp World virtual work places. You can find real people to help you. Attend company meeting. Participate in live trainings. All without having to get dressed or having to drive into an office.

Cornerstone has a Virtual Office!

The Cornerstone Team exists in eXp World too. Meeting rooms and offices all in the cloud. Drop into Cornerstone Staff Offices any time to ask for help, without having to drive to the office or scheduleĀ a zoom call. Ask your Cornerstone Partner for our room code.


Then explore the world where you can…

  • Take live classes

  • Get support from Tech Outpost

  • Get help from the Account Department

  • Visit with Agent Services

  • Attend national and state meetings

  • …and for fun ride the speedboats, play soccer, climb the lighthouse, swim out to the pirate ship or hang out on the beach

Create a Guest Pass for a Friend

Any agent that is active with eXp Realty (not in the joining process) has the ability to invite a guest

This can be done on any of the following –

1. download.exprealty.com

2. expenterprise.com – The invite a guest widget is located on the home page under technology solutions

3. https://inviteaguest.exprealty.com/Use your eXp email & passport password when signing in

This is a 2 week guest pass ONLY.

You will need to create a new one after the original has expired.

These are good for assistants and other visitors that need access to eXpWorld.

It will also provide them access to explore.exprealty.com

explore.exprealty.com is a great source of information including hours of operation for the different departments and their emails.