Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between eXp World and eXp Workplace?

eXp World is the eXp Realty Virtual Campus – broker offices, team offices and conference rooms, training centers and access to eXp Realty Corporate Support staff. eXp Workplace is the eXp brokerage intranet; a place for you to chat with other agents, brokers, and read about important news that is posted from the brokerage.  This includes different groups as well:  State Groups, Referral Groups and more!  You can access eXp Workplace from your computer or via the phone app!

I am not a local agent, is there an office near me that I can use for client meetings or to work out of?

Yes!  eXp Realty has a partnership with Regus Business Lounges, giving its cloud-based agents space on the ground to meet clients or have a place to call home while on the go.  Click here to sign up for access with Regus:

What about the eXp Split?

Split: 80/20 commission split until you reach your $16,000 annual cap.  For those of you that aren’t familiar with a commission cap, that just means that once you’ve paid eXp $16K, you keep 100% of your commissions for the remainder of your anniversary year.  Once you’ve reached your cap, there is just a $250 transaction fee for the next 20 transactions and $75 after that.

How do we get access to Skyslope for our file submission?

 When you onboard, eXp sends you an email with your Skyslope activation.  If you cannot locate that email, no worries – go here to reset your password:

How much does it cost to get a custom design created with the Creative Services Team?

 If you are using any of our traditional templates with high quality photos, there is no cost! If you want a custom design there is a $25 per hour fee.

Where do I document all of my interaction with my clients? Does eXp Realty have a CRM option?

YES!  eXp Realty agents have access to a personal website and CRM through kvCORE (including in their monthly cloud brokerage fee)

What are the fees associated with eXp Realty?

U.S. agent fees (USD):  $149 start-up fee and $85/month cloud brokerage fee

U.S. agent transaction fees (USD):  $25/transaction broker review fee and $40/transaction risk management fee ($500 annual cap)

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