Cornerstone Onboarding

STEP 1: Zoom With Sarah 

IMMEDIATELY AFTER ACTIVE STATUS – Schedule an appointment w/our onboarding team to get trained on important eXp Tech & Tools, including: eXp Enterprise, Workplace, Skyslope, kvCORE.

Use the following link to schedule your Tech & Tools Training:

A week for eXp cards to arive.
Signs depend on location of printer.
Work With Heather


The reason this software is so essential to your business is because it is in all in one tool that will allow you to generate, nurture, & convert leads into qualified appointments. If you learn how to master it, you will never have to worry about generating new business.

If you were to go out there and buy KvCore on your own, it would cost you easily $399/month. Because you are an agent at Exp you get it INCLUDED in your $85/month tech package.

Below is a video that will break down KvCore & It’s features from start to finish. Please understand that this is just a general overview video. The next section will cover the training in DEPTH.


Skyslope is the cloud based transaction management software that Exp uses in order to organize all the disclosure forms, transaction documents, & commission documents in one neatly organized location.

Skyslope also offers DigiSign, a virtual signature platform built into the software as well. Once you learn to master Skyslope you will be inputting files & getting paid your commissions at the fastest speed possible.

Below is a link giving an overall overview of how to navigate Skyslope

Tips and Links for Tech Tools

Agent Healthcare

Click here to learn about programs and benefits. 

eXp Logos

eXp Logo represents us on multiple platforms and so there are strict guidelines to maintain the integrity of the brand on all platforms and Marketing Materials. You can download logos here. 

eXp World Training Calendar

Here you can find all the live training options that eXp has for agents in their eXp World auditoriums! You can also find Trainings here that will be exclusive to the Cornerstone Team!

Express Offers Certification

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CONNECT: Tech Support

All your tech questions answered!

CONNECT: Workplace

Connect with other eXp via Facebook agents.

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Agent Attraction Training

Follow these steps to get your move to eXp officaly started.

CONNECT: eXp Passport

A single sign-on service used by eXp Realty to enable a single, global login to many services and applications provided.

Stocks & Finances

Deep dive into our mission to transform the real estate experience for all agents.

Regus Office Suites

Our team of agent partners and design team is here to help you get your new marketing in place!

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