Learn a little more about eXp fees and profit sharing.

Here is an overview of the fees and how profit sharing works. Find out one of the many reasons eXp is one of the fastest growing independent brokerages.

Everyone is 80/20 split

Solo Agent or Team Leader

$16,000 Annual Cap

20% of each commission check goes to eXp until you have paid in total (max) of $16,00 for the year. After that, 100% of goes to you until you start a new anniversary year. Transaction fees still apply.

Team Members

$8,000 Annual CAP

Minimum 25% of each commission check must go to team leader.

Then after you cap… Throw a Party… because after that you only pay…

$250 Transaction fee at closing (max $5,000 per year then it reduces to only $75 per closing for the rest of the anniversary year. $25 Broker Review… $40 Risk Management (E&O) Fee ($500 max/year) for the remainder of that anniversary year!

Let’s break down the fees.

Take a look at the fees with eXp

Want to see it broken down for your personal business? Send us your annual transaction numbers, current split and fees and we can run the numbers for you!

Agent Set Up Fee

$145 One time fee.
(Includes your 1st month $35 + $50 fees)

eXp University Tuition

$35 Monthly Fee.
Includes 40+ hours of online training per week.

Technology Fee

$50 Per Month – includes Skyslope transaction management software, KVCore CRM, and eXp World.

Per Transaction

$40 E&O Premium (max $500 per year)
$25 Broker review.

Stock and Profit Sharing

eXp Stocks

eXp Realty is a publicly traded company and is listed with the NASDAQ. Stocks go up. stocks go down. No guarantees or promises of performance are made here. But how much stock are you getting at your current brokerage.

AT NO COST (“Awarded Shares”):
– $200 in stock awarded for the first transaction of your anniversary year.
– $400 in stock to any agent or broker who caps (pays a full $16,000 over the year to eXp)
– $400 in stock for each agent you sponsor into the company upon that agent’s FIRST closing

AT REDUCED COST (“Purchased Shared”): Agents may elect to have 5% of each commission (after splits and fees) invested in shares of the company at 10% discount to Fair Market Value. In doing so, you are effectively “dollar cost averaging” by buying when the stock is at a different prices. This helps you avoid buying a lot of stocks at an all-time hight for example.

AGENT ICON PROGRAM: Top agents who meet certain productions goals, are influencers in the real estate community, and attend two major eXp events of the year can earn the icon designations whereby their entire $16,000 cap is giving back to them in the form of shares of the company. In this case, 25% of the shares vest immediately, and the other 75% vest in the usual 3 year time period.

Learn by Doing

Mentor Porgram

The Mentor Program provides newly licensed agents a learning platform to gain the fundamental knowledge required to start and build a successful real estate career. Each new agent, the “mentee,” is paired with an experienced agent who is a certified eXp University Mentor. This pairing occurs shortly after a new agent’s license is transferred to eXp Realty. Members of the Mentor Program team match mentees with mentors who share their geographic area and MLS. 

Certified mentors must demonstrate proficiency in the field of real estate and be approved by the state broker team. The mentor’s objective is to provide guidance in a practical, hands-on way and to lead new eXp agents through each step of the process for their first three residential sales transactions.

The Mentor Program also includes a 10-module course on real estate fundamentals through “Mindflash,” eXp’s learning management system. These online courses allow agents to complete the training at their own pace and can be accessed at any time. 

Sharing Success

How does revenew sharing work?

Some brokerage offer profit sharing to agents who sponsor agents into the brokerage. eXp offers revenue sharing which is based on commissions earned from selling real estate, not limited by the profitability of any particular market center. This makes a HUGE difference in the size of your revenue share check.

Single Agent Revenue Share.

eXp pays you 3.5% of the commissions earned by any agent you personally sponsor into the company from the company’s portion (up to $2800 per year).

Multi Agent Revenue Share.

Agents also earn residual income from producing agents sponsors into their overall group. For example, if you personally sponsor 5 producing agents into the company you can earn up to $3,200 annually for each of those other agents, which represents up to 4% of the gross commission, with no limits up to 7 levels deep.

When you join with Cornerstone you get the whole team.

 From our online emails and marketing experts, to answering any questions you have experts, the Cornerstone Team had been working for years to create an environment that empowers agents to build better businesses. Our team has been fostering a group of agents who act together as a community and help share ideas and a connection. With both eXp and Cornerstone on your side you can’t go wrong! 

Matt, Cornerstone Team Leader


Questions? We got answers.

Here are just a few commonly asked questions. We know you might have some more questions for us so reach out and we can go over evertying together!

Do I have to recruit agents?

No, that is completely up to you! Most of the eXp agents don’t ‘recruit’ anyone, they just love the company and have agent friends and co-op agents that want to learn about our brokerage.

If I need help with something who do I call?

At eXp Realty we have an abundance of resources when you need assistance. Your broker, sponsor or mentor can answer many questions, but you can also pop into a virtual office to ask any question. With Cornerstone team you also get an extra set of help in your Agent Partners who are in the office to help you.

How many agents are with eXp Realty?

As of December 2020, we have over 40,000 agents at eXp, and growing!! We are one of the fastest-growing real estate brokerages in the county as agents from across the globe flock to eXp Realty.

Does a cloud brokerage mean we have no office space?

Agents at eXp have multiple options for getting help. Cornerstone has drop in offices, and eXp exists in the cloud where you can get help any time in eXpWorld.

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